How much will I receive for my property?

This is probably the most common question we are asked. The main factors that will influence what we pay for your property include size, location, proximity to utilities, and desirability. Others include the condition of the property and the potential for future improvements. There are many times when the seller hasn’t visited his/her property in many years and in this case, we must conduct thorough research in order to properly assess the exact nature of the property.

How much will it cost me to sell my property to Endeavor Land Solutions?
It will cost you absolutely nothing! We pay all fees and expenses associated with the sale of your property.
How long does it typically take to sell my land?
We would like to put cash in your pocket in six weeks. Typically, we will send you an offer about one week after you request one. This is because we need to conduct research on your property. Once you accept the offer, we will order a copy of the deed. This segment is the longest and usually takes about four weeks. You will receive your check once we’ve received the signed and notarized deed back from you.
I inherited my property. Can I still sell it?
Absolutely. We will research the property and prepare all of the necessary paperwork on your behalf in order to allow you to sell your land.
Will the sales transaction be closed in escrow?
No, we do not close in escrow. Escrow can be expensive, so we handle the closing ourselves to make it easy as possible for our customers. By not closing in escrow, we are able to offer a higher price for your property.
What will happen with my property after it is sold?
The property is held as a long-term investment. We are not developers or realtors, and will not improve on the property while we hold it.
What if I don’t possess the original deed?
We will do all the legwork in tracking down the original deed with the county, and we’ll craft a new deed for us to purchase the property from you with no fees incurred by you.
I’ve never seen the land that I own. Will you still buy it?
Yes! We will conduct research on it and make you an offer.
What if my land has large improvements?
We only specialize in buying vacant land. Improvements like houses, manufactured homes, trailers, or any other structures larger than this variety will prevent us from being able to purchase your property. However, in some cases we will purchase properties with small improvements like a small cabin or shed.
Why did I receive a letter in the mail from Endeavor Land Solutions?
We purchase properties from all over the United States, focusing on areas that have not changed or grown much in the last 25 years. We typically target property owners who are tired of paying taxes on land that they do not use. We send out letters of inquiry to see which owners are interested in receiving an offer to sell their property.
What if money is owed on my property?
We will examine your situation carefully. Please notify us of this when you fill out our form or over the phone. We will conduct the necessary research to possibly find a solution for both parties before we can make a decision. It’s not uncommon for us to pay back taxes if both parties can benefit.

What types of property do you buy?
We purchase all sizes of property, from small lots to one-hundred acre parcels. Mostly we buy in very remote and unpopulated areas but we’ll gladly investigate any property.