Full Cash Payment at Closing

You’ll receive full cash payment for your property. We will not ask to make monthly payments or ask you to take a note.

No Fees

All the cost and fees associated with selling your land will be paid by Endeavor Land Solutions. They include but not limited to; Escrow Fees, Closing Costs, Notary Fees, Recording Costs, Real Estate Fees, and Title Insurance. It doesn’t cost you anything to sell your property.

It’s Easy and Simple

We make selling your property easy. Fill out our online form, or contact us at 1-800-xxx-xxxx, we will look at your property and mail you an offer. Simply sign the agreed offer and mail it back. Once we receive it, we will then mail you a deed to have signed and notarized. Mail this back to us and you’ll receive your check within a few days.

Fast Closing

Because we do not use title companies and close in escrow, our goal is to get you your money within 6-8 weeks after you request an offer.

No More Property Taxes

When you sell your property to us, you will no longer be burdened with paying annual property taxes on something you don’t use. Furthermore, you can use the cash we give you, and the money you save by not paying taxes on something more important to you.

No Realtors

We do all the work when you sell your property to us. You will not pay any extra fees associated with using a realtor, and will not have to worry about complicated paperwork or counter-offers. All you have to do is sign the deed and collect your money.

Tax Deductible Loss

Many of the properties we purchase are in rural areas, and were previously purchased for a much higher price than their current fair market value. These areas never developed as they were expected to, and therefore the property value is currently much lower than it was originally anticipated to be. Because of this, it may be possible to deduct the loss you take on the property on your Federal and State Income Taxes. If the price being offered to you now is below what you paid for your property in the past, your tax advisor may be able to assist you in turning your loss into a positive on your upcoming taxes.